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Bekaboo web series cast team did a great job. Alt Balaji presents an erotic & thriller web series named ‘Bekaboo‘ with a fantastic cast. 

The trailer of the series was amazing & exciting. The Bekaboo series was full of thrill and suspense. You might have seen the trailer of the Bekaboo web series. In the trailer, some sex scenes were shown.

Adding erotic scenes in the trailer is just for promotional purposes and to get the bid of audiences’ eyeballs. 

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Bekaboo Web Series Cast Brief

Title Bekaaboo
Main Cast Rajeev Siddhartha
  Priya Banerjee
Genre Romance, Web Series
Director Akshay Choubey
Produced By Victor Tango Entertainment Pvt. Ltd
DoP Jay Bhansali
Lyrics Akshay Choubey
Creative Director Manjit Sachdev
  Divya Saini
Executive Producer Mishrkeshi Jain
Project Head Shafi Ismail
Language Hindi
Screenplay Akshay Vishvanath
  Anand Sivakumaran
Editor Shaju Chandran
Art Director Siddhant Malhotra
  Manish Shirke
Background Score Akul Tandon
  Upmanyu Bhanot
Music Sangeet – Siddharth Haldupur
Stylist Suchita Golecha
Sound Nitin K. Sharma
Dialogue Vaibhav Modi

Bekaboo Cast Details

The content of the Bekaboo web series was excellent and thrilling and full of suspense. In my opinion, Bekaboo is Alt Balaji’s one of the most excellent thriller and erotic series of recent times.

The series portrays the life of a writer (the main protagonist) who was utterly destroyed by his inner desires. The writer was unable to control and handle his willingness, and in the course of fulfilling his desires, he falls into the trap of a stalker and is completely ruined.

You must have heard that the Bekaboo web series is based upon writer Novoneel Chakraborty’s’ best-selling novel titled ‘Black suits you’. 

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The series was a complete package for erotic thrill and suspense loving person. Don’t judge the series by its trailer. The trailer is full of erotic scenes but trusts me the series has fantastic content. This web series can’t be judged by its trailer.

By looking at the trailer, you would think that this series is just full of only erotic scenes, but no it is not.

This web series has a lot of suspense-filled scenes. If you start watching it, it’ll keep you intact from the beginning to the end. 

It’s a must-watch Alt Balaji series.  

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Bekaboo Web Series Casts

Let’s talk about the Bekaboo web series cast Details

There were a total of 5 main characters in this web series.

  • Rajeev Siddhartha 
  • Priya Banerjee
  • Madhussneha Upadhyay
  • Ananditaa Singh 
  • Trishna Mukherjee

Some other supporting characters are also there in the series, they are-

  • Mahima 
  • Tusshar Bhosale
  • Shubha
  • Navpreet Kaur
  • Suparna Krishna 
  •  Pranjula 
  • Mohammad Saad 
  • Lokesh Kumari Sharma 
  • Rehan Sheikh

Rajeev Siddhartha 

Actor Rajeev Sidhartha is an Indian actor, started his career with the film Dil Dosti Etc in the year 2007.

Rajeev Sidhartha played the role of ‘Kiyaan’ in the web series, who is a Famous Novelist and a protagonist in the series. 

The actor portrays the character of a Novelist very well. Rajeev Sidhartha was giving expressions of scaredness and mean at the same time. He was brilliant in this web series. 

He was also seen in another Alt Balaji’s web series Romil & Jugal in the year 2017.

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Priya Banerjee

Priya Banerjee

Actress Priya Banerjee is an Indian actress, who has worked in many Hindi, Tamil and Telugu movies. She started her career in the film industry in the year 2013 with a Telugu movie ‘Kiss’.

Priya Banerjee played the role of ‘Kashti’ in the Bekaboo web series

She is the main female lead in this series who played the role of a hot stalker. She was looking gorgeous, hot, and whatnot. Priya Banerjee was brilliant and steamy in this web series.

She was also shown in another Alt Balaji’s web series Baarish. 

Madhussneha Upadhyay

Madhussneha Upadhyay

Actress Madhussneha Upadhyay played the role of ‘Anaysha’. 

She was one of the lead characters of the Bekaboo series. It was her first debut on a digital platform.

The actress is known for Bahubali: The Beginning in 2015. She also appeared in another web series Cold Lassi and Butter Chicken.

Ananditaa Singh 

Actress Ananditaa Singh played the role of ‘Tina’. At first, she acted as a weak woman who gets abused by the novelist but later she gets to show her confidence.

Trishna Mukherjee

Trishna Mukherjee

Actress Trishna Mukherjee has been seen in many films and TV series. She acted in Crime Petrol, Savdhan India, Light shade red, Code Red, Hoshiyar etc. 

 Actress Trishna played the role of ‘Natasha’ as a reporter in the Bekaboo series.

Mishrkeshi Jain

Mishrkeshi Jain

Mishrkeshi Jain is a beautiful and talented actress and an art director as well. 

She is the senior executive producer at Alt Balaji, and she also worked earlier in some other web series of Alt Balaji. They are Baarish and Baby Come Naa. 

Now she is back again to win the audience’s heart with her acting skills in Ekta Kapoor presents web series “Bekaboo.” 

Novoneel Chakraborty

Novoneel Chakraborty

Novoneel Chakraborty is quite well recognized Indian writer, who is mostly known for his romantic thriller novels. 

The first book of Novoneel Chakroborty was, ‘A Thing beyond forever,’ this book became the National bestseller within just a few months after its release. 

The web series is based on his writings. 

Here is the cast of Bekaboo web series with the character’s name played by them. 

Real name  Characters name
Rajeev Siddhartha  Kiyan (lead role)
Priya Banerjee Kashti  (lead role)
Madhussneha Upadhyay  Anaysha 
Jitendra Hirawat Varun 
Ananditaa  Tina 
Trishna Mukherjee Natasha 

Supporting cast of this web series

Real name  Characters name
Mahima  Reporter 
Tusshar Bhosale Nimish 
Shubha  Anyasha’s mother 
Navpreet Kaur  Alisha 
Suparna Krishna  Supriya 
Pranjula  Misti 
Mohammad Saad  Anyasha’s father 
Lokesh Kumari Sharma  Kinky pooja 
Rehan Sheikh  Khera lawyer 

Bekaboo web series Watch

Ekta Kapoor produces the web series Bekaboo.

It is a must-watch thriller series. It is currently available on the digital platform ‘Alt Balaji’. Alt Balaji is a new digital platform launched by Ekta Kapoor with amazing and engaging content. 

Total ten(10) episodes are there in the Bekaboo series. It’s like an adult series. 

Here, is the list and names of the episodes:

Ist Episode: Aur Phir Aayi Ek Bitch

2nd Episode: Woh Kaun Thi?

3rd Episode: Pain Aur Pleasure 

4th Episode: Horny Ko Kaun Taal Sakta Hai

5th Episode: Charam Sukh Ya Forever Dukh

6th Episode: The Twist And The Twisted 

7th Episode: Bhootiya Ya Chu**ya 

8th Episode: Indecent Proposal 

9th Episode: Mission Gulshan 

10th Episode: Season Finale The Climax.

FAQs Details About Bekaboo Web Series?

1. What is the release date and year of Bekaboo Web Series?

– May 15, 2019

2. Who is Director of Bekaboo Web Series?

– Akshay Choubey

3. Who is Bekaboo Web Series lead actors?

– Rajeev Siddhartha 

4. Who is the Producer of the Bekaboo Web Series?

– Update Soon

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