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Gandi Baat Season 1 Episode Cast team did an excellent job. Alt Balaji presents a thriller and erotic web series named ‘Gandi baat season 1‘ with a fantastic cast.

Many of our viewers may not be aware that Alt Balaji presents Hindi web series also. Gandi Baat Season 1 Episode Cast is one of them. Gandii Baat web series is a Hindi web series directed by  Sachin Mohite. 

The first season of this series was premiered on May 3rd, 2018 on Alt Balaji. The series is also available on Zee5 App.

Gandii Baat web series has a total of 5 seasons as of 2020. The fifth season was released on 8 October 2020

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The storyline of the Gandii Baat Season 1 web series, depicts the story of rural India. Each episode of the series shows an erotic themed story of rural India. 

This web series is all about unraveling complex relations, shocking truths & myths, problems of men and women.

Every story is completely different from the other one. Lots of twist & turns are there in the story that keeps you intact with it. 

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The lead cast of this series includes-  Neetha Shetty, Narayani Shastri, Mrinalini Tyagi, and Lovely Sharma 

As I mentioned that each and every episode depicts a new story. So, it’s an obvious thing that the lead cast in each episode will be different. 

Gandii Baat Season 1 has a total number of 4 episodes. The name of the episodes are mentioned below.

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Gandi Baat Season 1 Cast Episodes 

No. of Episodes  Title  Release Date 
Episode 1 Threesome  3rd May 2018 
Episode 2 Tharki Buddha  3rd May 2018 
Episode 3 Vasu Nag  3rd May 2018 
Episode 4 Preeto Rani  3rd May 2018 

 Gandii Baat Season 1 Web Series Cast & Crew

Here’s the list of Gandii Baat season 1 cast is mentioned according to episodes.  

Gandi Baat Season 1 Cast of Episode 1: Threesome 

Real Name Role Name Image
Neetha Shetty Gunja neetha-shetty
Rohit Chaudhary Naamvar  
Sonal Panvar  Roopa  
Anant Vijay Joshi Doodnath  
Ashish Almaari  

Gandi Baat Season 1 Cast of Episode 2: Tharki Buddha 

Real Name Role Name Image
Lovely Sharma Kajari lovely-sharma
Yamini Singh Eekha  
Naveen Pandita Pradeep  
Harsh Vardan Kaju  
Rajesh Tripathi Rajendra  

Gandi Baat Season 1 Cast of Episode: 3 Vasu Nag  

Real Name Role Name Image
Mrinalini Tyagi Chakor mrinalini-tyagi
Anshuman Puskar Nagnath  
Nirban Goswami Resham Singh  
Deepika H Khanna Imli  
Ashok Yadav Hori  
Ripraj Chauhan Jeeva  
Kalyani C Chaitanya Dhaani  
Kirti Choudhary Rimjhim  
Saurabh Singhal Rakesh  
Sourav Bansal Shiva  

Gandi Baat Season 1 Cast of Episode 4: Preeto Rani  

Real Name Role Name Image
Narayani Shastri Preeto  
Bachan Pachera Balli  
Vaibhav Shah Gogi  
Meenakshi Soni  
Vijay Chandrna Lucky  
Rudra Kaushik Chandiram  
Gourav Kumar Suraj  

Gandii Baat Season 1 Release Date and Timings

Show name Gandii Baat Season 1
Genre  Romance Drama (18+ content)
Release date May 3, 2018
Main Cast Neetha Shetty (Episode 1)Lovely Sharma (Episode 2)Mrinalini Tyagi (Episode 3)Narayani Shastri (Episode 4)
Available on  ALTBalaji and Zee5 
Language Hindi
Country of origin India
Running Time 42–45 minutes
No of seasons 1
No of episodes 4

Gandii Baat Season 1 Cast, Director, Producer, and other details

Directed by Sachin Mohite
Created by Sachin Mohite
Developed by Ekta Kapoor
Producer Sachin Mohite
Executive Producer Mayur Shah, Mitesh Hansa Jethva, and Akanksha Shukla 
Production Company Jaasvand Entertainment Pvt Ltd
Dialogues  Ranveer Pratap Singh 
Written by Chital Rajesh Tripathi 
Original Network  Alt Balaji Zee5 
Distributor ALTBalaji, Zee5, and JioCinema
Music by  Meet Beatz 
Composers  Shantanu Sudame 
Editors  Afzal Sheikh Ajay K. Pandey 
No. of  Seasons  05
No. of Episodes  22

FAQs Details About Gandi Baat Season 1 Episode Cast?

1. What is the release date and year of Gandii Baat Season 1?

– May 3, 2018

2. Who is Director of Gandii Baat Season 1?

– Sachin Mohite

3. Who is Gandii Baat Season 1 lead actors?

– Neetha Shetty, Mrinalini Tyagi, Lovely Sharma, and Narayani Shastri

4. Who is Gandii Baat Season 1 Producer ?

– Sachin Mohite

5. How many episodes in Gandii Baat Season 1?

– 4 episodes


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